BorgWarner Performance Turbos

Find the perfect BorgWarner turbo for your application. Whether you need single or dual setups, twin-scroll or open housings, we have the turbocharger and accessories to complete your turbo build. Looking for exhaust too? Check out our turbo header build kits for a kit to build your own set of turbo headers, including all the components necessary for a brand new build.

Performance TiAl WasteGates

Full selection of premium TiAl wastegates. We supply the 38mm MV-S, 44mm MV-R, and 60mm V60 wastegates in complete TiAl workups.

Performance Tial Blow Off Valves

Full selection of premium import TiAL Blow Off Valve assemblies. Available in a 50mm assembly with assorted color options.

K&N Racing Turbo Air Inlet Filters

Full selection of premium K&N Turbo Air Filters. Available in 3", 4" and 5" inlet ID's.

AeroQuip AQP Race Fittings

Full line of quality high performance AeroQuip AQP Race Fittings for turbo oil supply and drain lines

AeroQip AQP Race Hose

AQP Racing Hose also features an AQP elastomer inner tube that is resistant to oxidation, the effects of ozone and other various agents present in the air. Match AQP Racing Hose to Aeroquip’s wide range of aluminum crimp and reusable fittings for a leak free fit.